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Innovation Training in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA

Understand the elements of regional innovation systems. Compare and contrast structures in your training modules and the process of innovation management in Asia, Europe, Africa and the USA. The aim of the program is to increase participants‘ understanding of how the innovation process is organized within an enterprise, a research organization and a regional/national ecosystem within the four regions. The training on global innovation culture will provide new insights and boost your carrier. You will then be an expert in global innovation culture.

Why should you join us in this innovation training ?

You are interested in a training program where you can learn how different regions and their respective culture foster innovation:

Understand and appreciate

– the way other regions perform innovation
– the ecosystem that paves the way for future developments in their innovation culture
– the framework of management culture and leadership that speed up or slow down progress

Program highlights

– Lecturers who were socialized in their respective cultural framework will share their experiences in compact modules about global innovation management
– As a part of the team of diverse international participants, you will learn about expert insights with an executive education group who share the same interests

Target group and fellow participants

– The Executive who wants to expand the international view and network
– The Researcher who want to prepare for increasing globalization
– The Business professional who wants to prepare for future markets

From which management levels and global innovation regions will my colleagues be?

Your fellow participants of global innovation culture:

Innovation organization

From which economic sectors will they come to join the innovation training:

Consulting | Engineering | Finance | Government | Industry | Information Technology | Manufacturing | NGOs | Public Relations | Research | Services | Transportation

Sample institutions:

leadership training Multinational companies and internationalising SMEs
Expert seminar International organisations
executive training Governments and agencies
Education training Universities and research institutions
Executive leadership Individuals qualifying themselves in Innovation Culture

Background – FAQ - About the expert training

Who are my fellow participants in the expert training ?

The group of participants consists of the variety of culture like the modules themselves. You will meet people from China, the USA, Africa and Europe. There is an executive expert from a large company as well as experienced research managers from universities. Participants who come from different institutional backgrounds and disciplines, this will be in most cases executive level. There are management professionals who are already in innovation issues and others who plan to expand their innovation activities. The course provides a lot of room to interact with them. As Innovationorbit provides recommendations for delegation hotels and flights there is also a good chance to spend time and discuss with your colleagues while travelling between the module venues. This is an important part to learn about executive experiences of your fellow participants. The importance is grounded in the socialization they experienced in their very region. It will support your learning and believes about another before unknown innovation ecosystem and the different culture.

Should I complete the whole training program in one year ?

The average number of modules that are booked by participants is two. There are some colleagues who just do one module but there also others who pass all modules in one year. As the training program provides maximum flexibility with the number of modules it is an individual decision how many modules you want to do in one year. Reflecting the experience of the seminar modules in the years 2016 and 2017, most of the participants undertook two modules. This year the flexibility is even larger because of the variety of destinations. As there are new modules in Cape Town in springtime and Nairobi in autumn this year there will be new combinations possible. Nairobi and Shanghai will be connected over the weekend. Another feedback from participants was that two education modules provide the opportunity to fly earlier to the first and spend extra time there and even expand the time in the other seminar venue after the second module.

What can I expect from the mindset of the fellow participants in the course ?

Everybody who is ready to expand the individual attitudes by a course program like the global innovation exert program has an open mindset. But there is also another important asset in the group of participants. That is leadership. Leadership is necessary to convince the individual professional and private surrounding for the necessity to go on a global culture learning seminar and it is also important for the time period after the return from the training course because there is scientific evidence that cultural mindset is best transferred top down in a hierarchy. You will be the ambassador of the new mindset within your personal network.

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